Install on Shopify

Install Aliadoc in any Shopify page in less than 5 minutes.

Get the embed code for the Shopify page you modified with Aliadoc.

After doing a couple of changes to your web page in Aliadoc, click on the Publish page variant menu option to let Aliadoc prepare the installation resources with your changes.

Finalize Aliadoc's publishing process to get the embed code for your page changes. You can copy the code quickly by clicking the Copy icon in the top right corner of the code box and get it automatically copied to the clipboard for you.

Log in to your Shopify account and navigate to Online Store > Themes. In the Actions menu button a the right of your currently active site theme, you will find the option Edit Code.

From the template list at the left, select the corresponding page template to the one you modified in Aliadoc. Paste the code right before the closing tag </head>, and click on the Save button at the top to get your changes applied.

You are done. Update the page and you will instantly see the changes you applied in Aliadoc live. If at some point you need to do more changes to the same page in the future, you can do so from Aliadoc without having to worry about this procedure again.

Aliadoc's publishing process will update referenced files in your embed code with updated versions to include any new changes you add.