Use with Shopify

Install Aliadoc on any Shopify web store in less than a minute.

Get the Aliadoc App for Shopify

Now using Aliadoc to enhance your Shopify web shop is easier than ever. Edit any page in your shop and publish your style updates instantly with just a few clicks.

Get the app now from the Shopify App Store

Easily find any page you want to update. Click on the "Editable shop pages" tab to access all public pages in your web shop. A listing of page paths will be displayed.

You will find pages organized by type: Product, Collection, Blog or Pages. Filter by any of the available tabs using the buttons at the top left corner, there will be one per page type.

Or use the search box at the left to quickly find the page you want by typing a few characters.

Start an editing session of the desired page just by clicking on the Edit button that appears at the end of the row.

Aliadoc's web based editor will open in a separate tab with your page loaded as faithfully as possible.
Since your page is loaded though a custom code filter by the editor, it is effectively an stripped down view of your page: Some external scripts that your page may be using won't load properly, like analytics, ads or social platform scripts among others.

After doing a couple of style updates to your web page in the Aliadoc web editor, you can just click on the Back arrow icon next to the Aliadoc logo at the top to go back to the Shopify app tab. Notice any change you make is saved in the background so you don't have to worry about saving your changes constantly.

For more details on how to use the style editor, please check our Getting started guide.

Back in the Shopify app, click on the Edited pages tab to find your newly edited page at the top. In case the tab was already active, you can just refresh the list by clicking the reload arrow button at the top right side of the app area.

This tab gives you access to some other functionality like the ability to copy style changes from one page to another. But the piece of functionality you should care the most is by far the Publish action: With this you can make your style changes you just made, be available to the world to see.

When you click on the Publish button on your modified page, a popup will be displayed to complete the process in less than a minute. You will then be able to check the changes you applied live at the end of this quick process. Please allow between 30 to 60 seconds for the changes to be ready.

Repeat as many times as need. You can make as many style changes as required and publish them anytime.

click on the Publish page variant menu option to let Aliadoc prepare the installation resources with your changes.