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Aliadoc is a web editing platform to add style changes visually to any existing website. Delivered as a web app, you just need a web page URL to get started.

A fresh new option for those looking to add some basic style updates to their actual websites, without having to crack the code or hire someone to do it.

Anyone can start using Aliadoc. If you have a web shop, website or a blog and need to add style changes beyond what your current website's platform allows you to do, give Aliadoc a try and skip asking for technical help.

  • Style Changes: Anything you need to tweak to make your pages look perfect. For any style change you apply, Aliadoc generates CSS code for you supporting a full range of styling properties including background images, font typography changes, shadows and much more.

  • We are just getting started. We will continue adding more features so you can get the most out of your existing web presence.

Not at all. Using Aliadoc to enhance your website pages is completely safe, don't worry about breaking stuff or screw things up. Our editor was designed to be used with existing websites and changes can be applied with laser focus precision to any element of a web page and rolled back anytime. You can also dump a whole set of changes and start over from scratch if you need to.

  • Advanced element selection features let you reach absolutely any element you want to change in a web page, no matter how nested it is in the document structure. Aliadoc is 100% aware of your page structure and provides hierarchy selection controls additional to basic mouse/touch based element selection.

The difficulty level to add style changes to absolutely any element of a web page varies wildly depending on the platform. Most of them make it very easy to add style changes to certain parts of the page but very difficult to change others, often requiring direct template manipulation.

  • With Aliadoc the difficulty level is low for any element you want to modify. Aliadoc editor is an structure aware editor with extra controls to let you reach any element no mater how nested it is in the web page layout. If you can reach it you can tweak it.

  • Aliadoc generates CSS code for all style changes added and serves it from a custom built CDN. There are zero advantages in doing some things by hand if you're not a web developer and even if you do, you will find it handy for some tedious tasks.

Aliadoc and its full functionality is free to try. We offer a free quota for publishing changes so you can fully evaluate the platform for page enhancing. We don't limit the number of pages or websites you can add, so you can have Aliadoc as an extra tool for any website editing need.

We offer in-app purchases to provision higher publishing quotas either as pay as you go or subscription.

Any page edit you publish to your website using Aliadoc works great on most browsers on computers and mobile devices. However, you can only edit pages and use the platform on a computer using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser at this time.