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Aliadoc is a visual editor app that helps you enhance and customize style of your existing Shopify store theme.

It allows you to edit pages as seen by your visitors, and then apply style changes to just one or multiple pages at once instantly.

Aliadoc integrates with Shopify with an app. If you have a Shopify web store and need to add style changes beyond what your current theme editor allows you to do, give Aliadoc a try.

Apply style changes: Anything you need to tweak to make your web store pages look perfect. For any style change you apply, Aliadoc generates actual CSS code for you supporting a full range of styling properties including:

  • Changing typography in titles or any piece of text.
  • Visually adjust space between page elements (margin, padding & size).
  • Change background, border and text properties.
  • Apply rounded corners to any element.
  • Apply effects like opacity, box and text shadows and image filters.
  • Hide elements, adjust advanced properties like flexbox, absolute positioning and more.
  • Fix layout issues with your theme both for desktop and mobile.

Our unique approach lets you edit a page by its URL and optionally define a path wildcard prefix to apply the same changes to multiple pages sharing the same path.

Because Aliadoc reads your web store public sitemap and extracts a list of all available pages to edit, it is helpful to have your shop already live (not password protected or un-published) to take the most out of it. In case you've your store password protected you can still use Aliadoc by entering a public page manually. Continue reading, we have an specific answer for this particular case.

Not at all. Using Aliadoc is completely safe, don't worry about breaking stuff or screwing things up. Our editor was designed to be used with existing websites and changes can be applied with laser focus precision to any page element and rolled back anytime with full undo/redo support and change history. You can also discard a whole set of changes and start over from scratch if you need to.

Advanced element selection features let you reach any element you want to change in a page, no matter how nested it is in the document structure, if you know a little about how elements are laid in a page hierarchically, you will take the most out of this feature. Aliadoc is 100% aware of your page structure and provides extra selection controls additional to basic mouse click/touch based element selection.

Most themes use Shopify standard theme editor, usually providing limited style customization options via rigid predefined theme settings, which in many cases won't let you change things beyond some general aspects that apply to all store pages. In order to apply style changes additional to what theme settings provide, Shopify allows for direct template code manipulation for total control, this is consiered a low level option giving access to code, and requires technical knowledge more suited for designers or developers.

With Aliadoc unique approach, you edit pages as seen by your visitors, meaning you can edit pages by their final URL and optionally, a path prefix can be specified if you want to apply the same changes to multiple pages sharing the same prefix. Our editor renders the page as seen from the outside, and lets you select any element you want to modify by mouse click or by using the hierarchical selection controls for the element, to easily switch between parent elements, children or siblings and apply style updates to the right one. If you can reach it you can tweak it.

Aliadoc generates actual CSS code for all style changes added during an editing session. Those CSS assets are then applied to your theme when publishing the modified page in a separate process. There are zero advantages in doing a number of style tweaks by hand if you're not a web developer, and even if you are, you will find it handy for some tasks.

Aliadoc and its full functionality is free to try and use. Visit the app page in the Shopify app store to get it for your web store. We charge per published page and offer free quota for publishing any edited page so you can fully evaluate the platform. We don't limit the number of pages you can edit nor any app feature other than publishing changes, so you can have Aliadoc as an extra tool for any style editing needs you may have now or in the future.

We offer in-app purchases to provision higher publishing quotas on a pay as you go model, avoiding annoying monthly subscription charges.

Any page edit you publish to your web store using Aliadoc will work and look great on most browsers both on computers and mobile devices. However, the app and page editing platform is better suited for a computer using Google Chrome, latest versions of Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browsers at this time.

If you can't see any entry in the Editable Pages tab listing, chances are your store is password protected or otherwise not yet public, like when a Comming Soon landing page is enabled for example. For those particular cases you may want to edit the page that is public manually. Click on the "+" (plus button) to the right side of the page filter field a the top right of the app area to bring up the manual Edit Page dialog box and enter a page path to edit manually. It is recommended to make sure the page exists before doing this, click the Continue button to open that page in the editor.

While it's true any page edit you add is specific to the currently active theme, in case of start using a different theme, you have the option to un-publish and delete any page edit added and edit those same pages again. Aliadoc editor saves any page edited in a cache, if you notice an edited page appears broken or looks like its trying to use a prior theme version, you can easily update the page cache in the editor by using the "Update page cache" menu option.

When page changes are published, CSS assets and references are installed in your active theme. In order to revert those changes you will need to Un-publish those changes first by clicking the menu option for that purpose in the corresponding page entry under Edited Pages tab. Click on the more options button (3 vertical dots icon) to open the options menu for the page entry. If you uninstall the app without doing this, all published changes will remain in your active theme. Please note that Aliadoc does not relies on trial periods or recurring charges, so you can continue using the app occassionally as long as you have publish credits available, and only purchase more when needed. For this reason we do not recommend uninstalling the app.