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Why use Aliadoc?

Unmatched speed and productivity for website design customization

A unique approach to customize your website design

Unleash Capabilities Previously Reserved For Experts

It's Safe

Aliadoc applies your changes on top of your existing design. No tricks, your site get a custom CSS served from our CDN.

Anyone Can Use It

You don't need to be an expert web designer or a programmer to customize your website design to your own liking.

Complements Your CMS

No matter what technology was used to create your website, Aliadoc will help you make its design as you always wanted.

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What does it do?

Aliadoc simplifies and speeds up the process of customizing your website design online without programming. Its online editor gives you the tools for doing advanced fine tuning in a safe way. A SaaS platform allows you to manage design changes for one or multiple websites better and more efficiently.

Why do we need it?

Customizing a website design involves coding experience and knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so website owners usually hire someone to do it for them. We need better ways to do this easier and faster.

Why is it different?

Our approach is simple. All your changes become your very own custom CSS stylesheet giving you all the advantages of modern web design. So no matter what technology was used to create your website, Aliadoc can help you fine tune its design with our online visual editor.

Who is it for?

Digital agencies or companies with a large number of web assets, small business owners with a website or an eCommerce store, freelancer web developers, bloggers or content creators and in general anyone who owns a website and wants to customize its appearance.

What's the project status?

We're currently testing our website editor and streamlining its feature set. An open beta period will start when our crowdfunding campaign begins. Stay tuned, we will reveal our campaign launch date very soon!

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