An extra layer of customization

For your Shopify theme

Theme Design

A better way to enhance your theme

Modify the style of your store theme as seen by your visitors, update one or many pages at once with path wildcard editing.

Overwrite styles
Add your personal touch on top of your existing theme design. Make it truly unique in minutes.
Fix theme style issues
Fix style issues with your theme without a designer or developer. Target mobile devices to visually adjust margins and padding, hide elements and more.
Installs natively
Aliadoc generates CSS assets that become part of your active theme, taking advantage of the powerful Shopify hosting.
Fast publishing
Quickly make your changes available to the world with just a few clicks, or rollback everything even faster.

Advanced layout control

Reach any element in a page

Point and click element selection with extra page structure navigation to select any element you want to style.

A full set of style properties

Fine tune everything

Visually adjust margin, padding and size of any element. Change typography, backgrounds and more with immediate preview feedback.

No trial periods or hidden costs. Simple on-demand pricing means you only pay for what you use when you need it. A publish credit is deducted when page changes are published.


Evaluate without compromises

  • Receive free publish credits to evaluate all functionality without limitations.

On demand

Publish packs start at $20

  • No trial periods or hidden costs.
  • Pay only for what you need.

A Simple

To help you get the most out of your existing theme.

Stay in the loop

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