Install Aliadoc in any web page in less than 5 minutes.

Standard installation procedure

You can add Aliadoc to all kind of web pages and publishing platforms. After creating an account and making some changes to a web page of your website, click on the Publish page variant menu option to let Aliadoc prepare the installation resources with your changes.

NOTE: The standard installation procedure requires you to have access to the source code of the web page you modified so you can add the small piece of code generated (embed code) that will ultimately apply your changes to your webpage when loaded. We have a detailed guide to install on Shopify with more to come soon.

Click on the Publish button to get the embed install code that contains links to the resources generated for the page you changed. Page resouces are served from our CDN so you always get the best performance. Notice all style changes are compiled into a CSS file so they are applied organically to your page.

Go to your web page code in your code editor or publishing platform. Locate the closing tag </head> and paste the embed code as shown in the image above. Upload or just save your changes to make them available following the standard procedure for your platform. Reload the page and see the changes you added in Aliadoc live.

This installation procedure is done just once for each page you modify with Aliadoc. You can continue adding more style changes and translations and publish them as many times as you need until you're happy with the result. Aliadoc's publishing process will update referenced files in your embed code with updated versions to include new changes. You don't have to do this process more than once per page.

We will keep updating our docs to add more guides for specific platforms. This is just the standard procedure to follow to install Aliadoc in a page no matter what platform it was made with. Also on the radar is a set of connectors for popular platforms to make this process even easier.